Porsche 911 + Citroën DS = Porsche 911 DS

Porsche 911 + Citroën DS = Porsche 911 DS
Porsche 911 + Citroën DS = Porsche 911 DS

Meet the Porsche-Citroen 911DS, a special construction that unites two of the most historic cars of the 1950s and 1960s . The two-door 911 , a German sports car with a four door Citroen DS, which stands for the ride quality .

The guys at Brandpowder wanted to create a car that combines both, so was born the Porsche-Citroen 911DS, the car half the front part comes from the 911 and the back from the DS. The photos are just renderings.

It is equipped with a 3.0 -liter turbo boxer engine producing 260 horsepower with Brandpowder describe the 911DS as:

“A car that represents the effort of the two countries, a genuine effort to unite the energy and talent .”


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