Toyota GT-86 Open Concept

Toyota GT-86 Open Concept
Toyota GT-86 Open Concept

Rumors of the convertible version of the known Toyota GT-86 are confirmed.The Japanese brand has published a sketch of GT-86 Open concept, which will make its world debut in the Geneva Motor Show.

Although the information about the new version of Toyota’s rear wheel drive coupe are scarce, judging by the proportions of the body and especially those of the back section, it is likely that the GT-86 Cabrio will be avialable in a soft top version.

The GT86 roadster will be equipped with a 2-liter boxer engine producing 200 hp. Within the next two years Toyota is expected to create the strongest version of the GT86, with a performance close to 300 hp, which will use a KERS system, to reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

This would allow the car to maintain the four-seater cabin and the total weight to the same level as the coupe version.


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