Car Legends: Ford Festiva V6 Shogun

Car Legends Ford Festiva V6 Shogun


The Ford Festiva V6 Shogun was equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 engine derived from the Taurus SHO, mounted behind the driver’s seat, with the hot hatch to produce 220 hp with 271 Nm of torque.

Car Legends Ford Festiva V6 Shogun

The engine was designed and developed by Yamaha, in an agreement with Ford. Due to the design of the engine intake, the engine could be mounted transversely. The car had a weight of just 993 kilos and it was able to complete the 0-96 kph in 5 seconds, while it also featured a Nitro system that could instantly the power to 300 hp. It is rumored that only seven Ford Festiva V6 Shogun were built and one of them belongs to Jay Leno.


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