Citroen wants to reinvent the C5

Citroen wants to reinvent the C5


Citroen is going to replace the Citroen C5 that will be sold in Europe with a renewed model, with the brand’s CEO, Linda Jackson saying that the future model will be very different from the current one.

Citroen wants to reinvent the C5

We have to see it differently. What is the C5 that customers will buy? With the popularity of SUVs growing, what we are looking at, is what the customer wants in five years. I do not think that they just want a new C5.

Said Jackson

So there is a possibility that the C5 will follow the path laid down by the C4 Cactus and become an SUV. The aim of the French company is to “have something different” and to “add value” to the car.


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