Honda FCV concept officially presented

Honda FCV concept officially presented

Honda presented the FCV concept, their own version of a hydrogen car. The prototype presented by the Japanese company has evolved from FCEV concept that we saw for the first time in last year’s Los Angeles auto show and according to Honda, is the successor of the FCX Clarity. Along with the concept, the company presented the Smart Hydrogen Station, a unit that will produce hydrogen for the FCV and the Power Exporter Concept which essentially converts the FCV to a power producing system.

Honda FCV concept officially presented

The FCV concept, uses hydrogen cells that are 33% smaller in size than the previous version and it generates power of about 100 kW. According to Honda, the FCV is the first hydrogen-powered sedan in which the entire powertrain will be located under the hood, which means that there will not be any kind of compromise with regard to the space for passengers or luggage.

Finally, the high-pressure hydrogen tank of FCV, gives the vehicle an autonomy of 700 km in average speeds and when the hydrogen is exhausted, it only takes 3 minutes to fill the tank.

Honda, stated officially that the production version of the prototype that you see in the photos will be available on the market from March 2016 in Japan and in Europe and the US a little later.


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