Porsche Pajun rendering revealed …kind of

Porsche Pajun rendering revealed ...kind of

In one of the official renderings showing the upcoming Porsche Design Tower in Miami you can see a model of a “mini Panamera” that will be called Pajun.

Porsche Pajun rendering revealed ...kind of

We must not delude ourselves too much though, although this may be an early sign of a four-door coupe by Porsche, that will be positioned below the Panamera. Obviously this is not the final design of the future Porsche Pajun as many other things could change until we see the production version, which will most likely be presented in 2019.

As for the Porsche Design Tower in Miami, the building was made from the Austrian real estate company called Porsche Design Group and it will be the first of its kind. The tower will be 198 meters high and it will have 60 floors, that will house a total of 132 apartments. The work will be completed in 2016. The building will have three elevators for cars and 2 to 4 garages per apartment. Each apartment will cost from $4.2 million up to $32 million. To date nearly 100 apartments have already been sold.

We’re talking about revolutionary sky garage, a robotic parking system that allows owners to park their vehicles next to their apartments, no matter how high they are. The sky garage has three circular platforms that operate through the center of the building. Once the car is parked, the residents will be able to see it through the windows of their home.