The Honda Jet made its first flight

The Honda Jet made its first flight

The first Honda Jet produced, completed its first flight. The aircraft took off from the Piedmont Triad International Airport at Friday, climbed to 15,500 feet and reached a speed 348 of knots (644 km/h). During the test flight, that lasted 84 minutes, the crew checked all functions of the aircraft.

The Honda Jet made its first flight

So far, the Honda Jet is not certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, but the company already manufactures enough of them to be ready when the service will finally certify it.

The Honda Jet is promoted as “the faster, quieter and more efficient jet in its class.” The fact that the engines are placed above the wings significantly improves performance and fuel economy, while reducing the aerodynamic resistance. It is equipped with two GE Honda HF120 engines, enabling it to travel with a maximum speed of 420 knots (777 km/h) and it can reach a maximum altitude of about 43,000 feet (13,000 meters).

The Honda Jet made its first flight

The aircraft can carry up to 5 passengers while its range is 1,180 nautical miles ( close to 2,200 kilometers).

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