Leaked pictures of the BMW Z4 Concept

Leaked pictures of the BMW Z4 Concept


BMW released a teaser photo of the BMW Z4 Concept 2 days ago, before presenting it at Pebble Beach, but today the official pictures of the Z4 Concept were leaked.

Leaked pictures of the BMW Z4 Concept

From the photos we can see that the car is absolutely stunning and it has intense and dynamic lines, with the front and the rear part to be particularly aggressive. It has beautiful lights, air intakes, 20-inch wheels, muscular fenders and an attractive diffuser. Its design seems to follow the design philosophy introduced by BMW with the 8-Series concept.

The interior features a minimalistic design, following the basic layout of the current BMW models. It has a two-tone leather upholstery in orange and black, with a stylish new gear selector, a digital dashboard, a beautiful three-spoke steering wheel with aluminum decorations and a large screen in the center of the dashboard.


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