New technologies of Jaguar

New technologies of Juaguar

A “digital” windshield and laser guidance are just two of the new technologies that Jaguar intends to feature on its future models. The most striking is the virtual windshield, which looks like a giant heads-up display, which shows information on the vehicle speed, satellite navigation etc, and it also shows running active elements such as the ideal path in one turn.

New technologies of Juaguar

Equally interesting is the technology based on laser beams for the guidance of the vehicle. Specifically, the fog lights have the ability to emit laser beams and create visual projections to the road. It may sound excessive, but Jaguar argues that when perfected this feature will be useful for the driver. Like, for example, when he wants to cross a street in the city and does not want to get nervous with the width of the bodywork.

New technologies of Juaguar

According to the experts at Jaguar, the projection of a pattern of laser will be useful in off-road trails as well, where the beams can give a picture of the depth of a puddle or a water passage. Always theoretically, lasers can provide very accurate data for the optimum adjustment of the suspension (when it is active), while their usefulness extends from the simplest (such as assisting in parking) to the most complex operations (such as the detection and pedestrian recognition).


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