Nissan GT-R LM20 by Litchfield

Nissan GT-R LM20 by Litchfield


Litchfield presented a tuning package for the Nissan GT-R Black Edition, called “LM20”. The package makes the car produce 675 hp with 834 Nm of torque, that enable it to do the 0-96 kph in 2.5 seconds and the 0-160 km/h in 5.7 seconds, with its top speed reaching 328 km/h.

Nissan GT-R LM20 by Litchfield

This power increase on the car’s 3.8 liter V6 engine is achieved, with the installation of larger injectors, bigger fuel pumps, a new air intake, a new intercooler, a new catalyst and an ECU reprogramming.

Changes were made to the software of the traction and stability systems, with the car being also equipped with a Bilstein Damptronic suspension, combined with the Eibach springs.

Litchfield says that this is the most powerful version of the car, which is for everyday use! They also said that they can satisfy customer requests that want even more power.

Only 20 units will be built, with each of them being covered by a 3-year warranty and free maintenance, with the cost of each car being £96,100, which is £15,730 more than the entry-level version of the GT-R.


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