Old Concept Cars: Alfa Romeo Bella

Old Concept Cars: Alfa Romeo Bella


Alfa Romeo presented at the 1999 Geneva auto show, the Bella. The car was designed by Bertone in order to lay the foundations of a possible coupe version of the Alfa Romeo 166, which eventually did not happen.

Old Concept Cars: Alfa Romeo Bella

It was based on the chassis of the 166 and it was equipped with the 3.0-litre V6 Busso  engine, that produced 225 hp. The Bella was a 2 + 2 coupe that had many important new features.

The rear seats were normal and comfortable and to meet the requirements for space of European and American buyers, who use the rear seats also as extra luggage space, Bertone introduced an original solution, which expanded the available luggage space. The rear seats could be removed, creating enough space to carry a surfboard or a bike.

The bodywork of the Alfa Romeo Bella had clearly a sporty design and it resmbled a sculpture. Its interior featured a very modern dashboard, being covered with red leather, having metallic finishes and black decorations, to create contrast.


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