Porsche gives a 10 year warranty for the 911 GT3

Porsche gives a 10 year warranty for the 911 GT3


While Porsche has released the new 911 GT3, that has 500 hp and can be equipped with a manual gearbox, they are still having a hard time with the previous generation.

Porsche gives a 10 year warranty for the 911 GT3

The reason is the reliability problems that had appeared after the launch and frightened the potential buyers. Some of the first GT3 991.1 had caught fire, which had forced the Porsche to stop deliveries of the model in 2014 and to proceed to replace the engine in 785 cars that were already released. Later, some owners observed brakes at high revs (misfires), so their confidence in the reliability of their car was damaged for good.

The company acknowledged that their fears were well founded, so they took the initiative to extend the factory warranty for this model only, for 10 years or 120,000 miles (190,000 km). The coverage applies to any 911 GT3 built between 2013 and 2016 (the 991.1 generation). Similar models with different engines, like the 911 GT3 RS and the 911 R, have not seen corresponding problems, so they are still covered by the standard, four year warranty.

According to Porsche the misfires observed in some GT3 were caused due to a faulty component in the valve drive system. Now the company places upgraded components in this engine, along with new camshafts, so the problem has been eliminated. Moreover, the few cars that have had issues, were not driven quickly enough, according to the head of Porsche Motorsport, Frank-Steffen Walliser.


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