Rolls-Royce crossover concept rendering


It has been some time we have heard rumours about a possible SUV/crossover from Rolls-Royce. The last time we had news of this was when the CEO of brand, Torsten Muller-Otvos said that while there have been some designs from the design department, the car has still not gotten the green light and even when it does it will take many years to be released.

Rolls-Royce crossover concept rendering (1)

Lutz Valdeig who created a rendering of the SUV of RR. The car borrows elements from the existing range of the company but its main feature is the low ground clearance. According to the designer, the SUV/crossover of Rolls-Royce does not have to be as hardcore as some other models in its class, so the off-road elements are few and extremely discreet.

Rolls-Royce crossover concept rendering (2)