2017 Toyota Yaris

2017 Toyota Yaris


Toyota unveiled the new Yaris, which features 900 changes, in design, driving behavior and safety. From the moment that the last generation of the car was launched in 2011, its sales increased every year and his share in the supermini category in Western Europe, reached 6.5% last year, namely 208,000 units, while from 2001 that it was first presented, it has surpassed 3 million sales internationally.

2017 Toyota Yaris

According to the company, the exterior design is a key concern for clients of this category and the design of the new Yaris is more active and has a dynamic look, while at the same, a more refined identity. To achieve this, both the front and rear of the car have a different design, compared to the current model.

In front there is a new bumper surrounding the large, trapezoidal grille and new lights, which have a thin chrome bar inside them. The rear part features new large LED lights and a new rear door, that contributes to the feeling of extra length. The rear bumper is new and it helps harmonize the rear door lines.

Finally, there are three new designs for the wheels of the new Yaris, offered in 15 and 16 inches and two new colors in the palette of options, called Hydro blue and Tokyo Red, that raise the total number of available color, to 10.

2017 Toyota Yaris

The interior has a new upholstery, new colours and finishes,an upgraded instrument panel and switches for controlling the central screen of the infotainment system, while among the analog instrument panel there is a new color TFT screen of 4.2 inches.

The Yaris will be offered as a hybrid, that will be even quieter and more comfortable, with better handling and steering precision. It will be available also with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine delivering 110 hp with 138 Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm, that will help it make the 0-100 km/h in 13 seconds.

2017 Toyota Yaris

Toyota will equip the car with a watercooled exhaust manifold, which limits the temperature of the exhaust, in order to reduce combustion temperature. The new 1.5-liter engine of the car benefits from variable valve timing intake technology, VVT-iE, that uses an electronically controlled intake valve.

The new Yaris features new mounts for the engine, which help the hybrid version have a better driving experience, with fewer vibrations caused by the engine when the car is moving in a street with many potholes, while Toyota has also upgraded the car’s shock absorbers. Finally, the electric steering of the car is re-arranged for smoother response to driver commands.


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