Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R with 420 BHP

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R with 420 BHP
Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R with 420 BHP

Toyota announced the official specifications of the engine of the Hybrid-R Concept, which will be presented in Frankfurt.

The concept is based on the three-door Yaris and under the bonnet there is a 1.6 liter four cylinder engine with direct injection, advanced by Toyota Motorsport GmbH, producing 300 horses. It meets the FIA ​​for “World Racing Engine”  engine and it will be used in various forms of racing.

At the rear there are two electric motors, one per wheel, with a yield of 60 horses each, which are the same that are used in the standard Yaris Hybrid.In this way the total accumulated power goes up to 420 hp !

The technology used is similar to the racing TS030 Hybrid and during braking it saves energy, which can be used according to the driver. AT the road driving mode, the capacitor (Super Capacitor, as it is called) releases the energy recovered during braking for a maximum of 10 seconds per charge and the total power of the two motors is reduced to 40 horses. In track mode, the electric motor can perform the maximum force up to five seconds per charge.

A third electric motor is located between the engine and the 6-speed sequential gearbox, it works as a generator for two different cases. During deceleration it provides electricity to the capacitor and during acceleration it gives extra strength to the rear motors.

The last case can only occur when the power and torque of the engine go beyond the reach grip of the front wheels. The generator behaves like an advanced traction control system, sending the torque to the rear wheels to increase the speed and improve adhesion.