Car Legends: Volkswagen Corrado Magnum

Car Legends Volkswagen Corrado Magnum


The Volkswagen Corrado was a compact sport coupe that was launched in 1988 it was manufactured at the factory of Karmann and it stopped being produced in 1995.

Car Legends Volkswagen Corrado Magnum

Volkswagen however, wanted to release a shooting brake version of the car, the result was the Corrado Magnum. The company commissioned the work to Marold Automobili GmbH, shortly after the start of production of the simple Corrado in 1988.

Volkswagen’s idea was to create a more practical version of the sport car and to launch it in a limited number of 200 cars in Europe. Unfortunately, though, the company cancelled the project and they built just two cars.

Mechanically they were equipped with the engine of the G60 version, which was a 1.8-liter turbo producing 160 hp with 225 Nm of torque, that enabled the car to do the 0-100 km/h in 8.3 seconds, with its top speed reaching 225 km/h.

Those two cars, as you can understand are extremely rare and they were sold previous year for $50,000 each.


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