Ford Fiesta R5 Evo 2


M-Sport released the first image of the Ford Fiesta R5 Evo2, the evolution of the car that was first presented in 2013. The Evo 2 will debut later this year and will compete in rallying series that allow the admission of R5 category cars.

The company released the image after the 200th car was built, with the R5 Evo 2 being painted in a special livery, inspired by the colors that were used when the first generation of the car was officially presented at the 2013 Ypres Rally.

The first gen of the car has had 159 victories in 29 different countries in 2016. There is no doubt that the Fiesta R5 is a great car, as well as the most successful race car in current rally competitions. Ford and M-Sport never thought that they will produce 200 cars and this demonstrates their success.