Honda NeuV

Honda NeuV


The Robotics Department of Honda, which is known for the creation of the ASIMO robot, implemented a similar technology to create a motorcycle that balances itself. Using as a base the Honda NC, the Riding Assist system alters the motorcycle’s geometry without using gyroscopes to keep it at an upright position, without any intervention from the rider.

Honda NeuV

The system keeps the bike upright at speeds below 5 km/h, this is accomplished by altering the angle of the front fork. Besides the tilt angle the Riding Assist, alters also at low speeds the steering angle of the front wheel.

The balance is achieved with three electric motors, one that tilts the fork, one that turns the handlebar right or left and one in the hub of the front wheel.

The Riding Assist system can theoretically be equipped on each motorcycle, helping riders with disabilities or beginner riders, who find it difficult to balance their motorcycles.


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