Old Concept Cars: Ford Fiesta Tuareg

Old Concept Cars Ford Fiesta Tuareg


Ford presented in 1978 the Fiesta Tuareg concept, which was the result of a collaboration between Ghia and the Ford Design Center of North America. The idea behind the concept, was to create a practical, off-road Fiesta that was based on a non-modified production car chassis.

Old Concept Cars Ford Fiesta Tuareg

The Fiesta Tuareg had a length of 3.73 meters, a width of 1.66 meters and a height of 1.49 meters. It had wide fenders, more lights, various protective pieces and 26-inch Goodyear off-road tires with steel wheels.

It was equipped with a four-cylinder 1.1-liter engine, that was combined with a four-speed, manual gearbox. Its suspension was upgraded, while it had a bigger ground clearance, compared with the normal Fiesta.

The Fiesta Tuareg concept was unveiled at the 1979 Geneva auto show, but unfortunately it never passed in production.


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