Sauber C36

Sauber C36


Sauber presented the C36. The Swiss team revealed the first pictures of the their new formula one car, with which they hope to win the championship.

Sauber C36

The car has a bigger front wing, with its nose having no changes, while the front suspension and the brake ducts remain the same.

The bargeboards are much larger, because of the new regulations, thus contributing to the production of additional downforce. The air intakes in the sidepods still have a triangular design, with the elements around them to have differences over last year.

The mirrors have small changes, while the engine cover is completely different, having a “shark fin”. The rear wing is more wide and low, as ordered by the regulations of 2017. Finally the Swiss team will run with new colors, with gold details to frame the blue and white colors, mostly on the front part, the mirrors and in the engine area.


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