Volkswagen Sedric concept

Volkswagen Sedric concept


Volkswagen presented the Sedric concept in Geneva. The car has the highest level of autonomy, it was developed and manufactured by the “future center” of the Volkswagen Group at Potsdam, in cooperation with the research centre of the company in Wolfsburg.

Volkswagen Sedric concept

The Sedric is fully electric, 100% connected and it can perform independently all the functions of driving without having a driver. According to the German company, the Sedric will be a “traveling companion”, you will be able to discuss with it, tell it where you want to go and how to go there and it will be able to indicate how much time is left to reach the destination, traffic conditions, etc. In short, the Sedric will become your personal travel assistant.

The car’s interior features large OLED screen, that have augmented reality technology. Finally, Volkswagen confirmed that they want to send to production, 30 fully electric models, by 2025.


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